Hydrogen Scooter performace kit

March 23rd, 2010

Ready for a Performance Boost
for your Scooter or Moped?

Our brand new system will give you MORE power and BETTER performance on ANY scooter or moped!

Up to 5- 10 MPH gain!

ANY scooter! ANY size! 50cc – 150cc – 250cc!

Watch the video to see the system and how it got 9 MILES PER HOUR more speed out of a 50cc scooter!

This is the world’s FIRST hydrogen hybrid scooter performance system!

Thousands of miles of testing have gone into this brand new Hydrogen kit for your small engine, scooter, moped or small motorcycle! It has long been
known that adding hydrogen can help the combustion engine perform
better and get better gas mileage… cars, truck and tractor trailers have been taking advantage of this proven technology for years. Now so can your scooter!

While this kit can be used on any small engine such as: riding mowers, generators, etc… It was built for a scooter lover by a scooter lover. When used on your lawn mowers and generators, you will see a longer run time on the same amount of fuel. Now let’s talk about the REAL fun stuff!

Get more GO with HYDRO!

This Scooter Hydrogen kit is built to give your 50cc, 150cc or 250cc scooter or moped more GO. This kit includes our mini hydrogen generator that produces a mix of hydrogen and oxygen, from water, in a perfectly balanced mix. What does this mean for you? Simply that by installing this kit, you will feel more power and get more acceleration from your scooter. You will find hill climbing much easier and your speed will stay much more consistent. This is nothing like Nitrous Oxide which gives huge boosts but damages your engine. Hydrogen will SAFELY provide that little something extra that your ride has been missing.

There are no complicated “re-jet” kits needed or any difficult tuning required. This hydrogen/oxygen will mix with your regular gas and help it burn more efficiently and much cooler. This gives you more BANG in your engine… but at the same time keeps your small engine cooler. Many people find that their scooter runs very lean when at full speed… this is where you need the extra fuel the most! You will see a huge difference in all around performance when your hydrogen system is running. Even if you your scooter is hopped up and tuned… add hydrogen and feel the difference.

Hydrogen is perfectly safe and actually helps your scooters engine last longer and run better. Your scooter will go faster and run smoother. Not to mention that by burning a little bit of hydrogen in your scooter you are being MORE GREEN! The hydrogen actually helps your scoot produce LESS pollution by helping the fuel burn more completely.

My own personal scooters (and others) are the test bed for this system and my own personal favorite scooter is a daily driver and has clocked thousands of  trouble free miles using this hydrogen kit.

Worlds first hydrogen hybrid scooter kit

Everything you need is included for just $97
buy it now!
Special SALE! Usually $145!

This is a complete kit!

Installation takes about 30 minutes and basically requires a drill, screw driver, and a small amount of  work. If you can change your spark plug
or change your oil, you can install this kit! To make it even more simple,
I have produced a complete installation instruction video which is included!

NOTE: This kit ships within 7-10 business days from the date your
payment arrives, depending on volume. This has proven to be a very
popular kit.

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Shipping  is totally FREE in the USA!

Shipping :

Every hydrogen device we manufacture comes with our rock solid 30 day warranty against defects in workmanship. We are proud to stand behind our devices should they malfunction. Since these devices are for intended as a performance modification, you results may vary. Shipping is FREE in the USA, shipping outside the USA will be $35. International buyers are responsible for customs fees, import duties, etc.

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